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The journal's submission system can be accessed below. Access it to find pending submissions, reviews, review invitations, and other tasks.

Image by Patrick Perkins

Welcome Reviewer

Our gratitude extends to you for taking the time to review submissions. We value your time and effort.

Your role here is to review authors' work to the best of your ability and knowledge. This means you will be responsible for checking the accuracy of the facts presented, the clarity of the writing, and the relevance of the arguments made. Additionally, you will be expected to provide constructive feedback to help authors improve their work. Furthermore, you should strive to ensure the authors maintain a consistent style and structure throughout the document. As such, it is vital to maintain a critical eye and ensure authors are adhering to all established guidelines when crafting a piece of work. Moreover, you should strive to ensure that the author's work meets the highest standards of quality and can be published without hesitation.

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