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Virtual Symposium                                                   

5th - 6th June, 2020

Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm (BST) GB, UK

Please complete this form to register for the upcoming virtual symposium.

Please select the option that applies to you.
If you are presenting, please be reminded that submitted presentaions will be pre-recorded to ensure that your presentation is free of connectivity or other issues. We suggest that you consider using Zoom (with a accompanying slideshow if appropriate), or use software/method you prefer.
Festival Culture Research and Education would like to record some or parts of the virtual symposium either by audio or video. You will NOT be recorded without your written consent. Please let us know your thoughts as we are simply asking to get an idea if people would be interested:

Thanks for submitting!


The views and opinions expressed at the Virtual Symposium may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the organisers. All attendees are asked to be respectful, responsible, considerate and patient in their actions so that we can communicate effectively with common courtesy to our fellow participants.

FCRE are committed to creating and nurturing a welcoming, respectful, and collaborative community, and we thank all our attendees for sharing our commitment. 

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