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Largest Festival


"The Edinburgh Festival is thought to be the world’s largest arts festival" and sold 1.9 million tickets in 2013 (UNESCO, 2015).


European Festival


There are many festivals in major European countries, with France coming out on top with 1,000 (UNESCO, 2015).


Number of Performers


The Smithsonian Folklife Festival, usually a two-week event has attracted 23,000 musicians during its time (UNESCO, 2015). ​


Economic Benefit


In New Zealand "there was a net economic benefit to the country of US$32 million, in contrast to the US$143 million benefit claimed by event organizers” (UNESCO, 2015).


Will recent events regarding health and safety affect festivals, celebrations, rituals, ceremonies etc. worldwide?  What are digital festivals and how do you feel about them?

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"Festivals celebrate community values, ideologies, identity and continuity. Perhaps more reflective

of the modern approach to naming events as festivals, Getz (2005 p.21), defined them as “themed, public celebrations”. Pieper (1965) believed only religious rituals and celebrations could be called festivals. Numerous forms and themes of festival are possible, and the term festival is often misapplied and commercialised. No widely acceptable typology has emerged" (Getz, 2010).

Below is a display of a growing list of global festive and celebratory events click the links to find out more!

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