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Watch the video and learn about our content and resources. See the text below for further details.

ISSN 2752-633X (Print)  ISSN 2752-6348 (Online)

It is our hope to provide a space for photographers, videographers, authors and content creators to share their work. Before submitting your work, please keep the following things in mind.

A few key points are listed below:

  • This is a volunteer-led academic network and journal

  • Knowledge is exchanged, information is shared, and people are supported in their research and networking efforts 

  • Our events are free 

  • Our digital journal is free

  • The main benefit of supplying your photographs is to share knowledge through images


Please note that as an open-access journal, we do not pay or accept payment to publish authors' or photographers' submissions. 

Do No Harm

We expect that we will receive photographs in which subjects have not been harmed or undergone undue stress.


Photographers will receive credit or attribution for their photos. The difficulty of street photography for some photographers is that it might not always be possible to know the people that they photograph. In the event that a subject wishes to be credited for an appearance in a photograph, we are unable to make any changes after publication. However, it may be possible to offer attribution through our social media, but please keep in mind that this network is volunteer-run and it might take time to receive a response. 

Careful with captions 

A diverse audience will perceive facts differently if they are not properly written or sufficiently explained. As a precaution against misunderstanding, misinterpretation, or more seriously, libel, photography-only submissions, are not described individually.

Observe the difference 

Editorial photography is used to illustrate an idea or educate, not to sell products or promote something or someone. We use photography solely for educational purposes.

Public or private 

Public property can be used without permission. Photographs can only be used for editorial purposes – unless a model release has been obtained, or unless the subject appears in a crowd.

Release forms 

We do not expect our photographers to have release forms since the current journal has been created for editorial purposes (i.e to illustrate an idea or educate). 

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