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We offer a mentorship programme for postgraduate students to develop their research and writing skills.


Student Profile:

Rhonda Allen, MSc, BA Hons.

Former Director of the Sheffield Carnival and International Carnival Judge

As a former director of the Sheffield Carnival, Rhonda Allen was involved in organising the first virtual carnival in 2020. She has judged costume competitions in Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent, Leeds, and the UK. She has served on the Sheffield Theatre judging panel for the theatre season, selecting plays to be performed. During the Luton carnival in 2022, she was dressed up in full costume and worked with Preston carnival to create and develop a costume judging program.

Having worked in carnivals for many years in various capacities, Rhonda has developed a special interest in carnival costume judging, its traditions, practices, and contemporary perspectives. Her research focuses on carnival, in particular, the aesthetics of costume design, performance, and the way in which it is judged both in Trinidad and Tobago and in the UK. In addition to costume making, costume design, and performance, she explores embodiment, traditions, heritage, personal narratives, and the costumed body.

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