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Support us in our efforts to develop a publication within this area of study, as it needs a home dedicated to the field, that focuses and critically explores the wider interdisciplinary and comparative themes, and offers additional options with regards to publishing.


Thus, it is the right time to open up more avenues in the field and provide more publishing opportunities so that the diverse and multi-faceted aspect of this area of study gets a stronger voice than a quiet whisper and the occasional mention. We ask that you consider the options below and fill out the form. If you need further information please email us.


Associations - We are happy to collaborate with organisations that have similar goals, and could offer knowledge (libraries, photographs, research etc), access to their subscribers, contacts, and networking. In exchange, you get logo placement on the journal, printed copies of the journal (provided the journal is printed by an external publisher) for your members, online access for members, and printed copies initially (then online copies, but a discount of 50% if you want to continue receiving printed copies).


Sponsorship - We would be happy if you could sponsor the journal on a single or ongoing basis. Your sponsorship could help cover printing costs, launch an event, advertising, and marketing. Benefits of offering sponsorship support are copies of the journal, recognition as well as a logo placement in the journal and on the journal webpages, advertising opportunities in print, online, and the journal webpages including other titles the publisher holds.


Partnerships - We will also consider mutually beneficial partnerships. For example, a partnership with a museum, art gallery, etc. can be helpful to us for source images, etc., and in return, you get the chance to advertise in the journal. We are also open to partnering with an annual conference and will be happy to advertise the organisation in the journal in exchange for placing our marketing material in delegate packs.

Carnival Band

Any or all commission will be used for future events and web hosting.

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