FCRE is a network of volunteers working together to develop our network and other initiatives.

Deadline: 20 May 2022

We have a few voluntary roles for postgraduates/independent scholars etc. interested in working on exciting projects and meeting interesting people whilst adding serious work experience to their portfolio/resume. 

We are seeking candidates with a keen interest in creative arts, culture, education, film, history, literature, media and communications, tourism, and research (qualitative and quantitative).

Some prior experience is a plus for these roles.

We are seeking the following:


  • working alongside the editor in chief and should have published work within the field or closely within the field (inter-, multi-, cross-, trans-disciplinary).

  • published work in the area (culture, geography, history, anthropology, religion, events) ideally experience of editing a journal or similar publication 

  • strong communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills

  • fluent english

  • preparing proposals (call for papers) etc.

  • judging the quality of articles submitted and should also be able to provide good feedback to the author in case submissions need to be revised or rejected

Qualifications/experience: Studying or completed an MA or PhD.

This role may also be of interest to an independent scholar.

Must provide supporting qualifications and experience essential to the role.

Digital Techical Support:

  • remote technical support for online events (setup, configure, manage and maintain live online events)

  • strong communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills

  • fluent english

  • technical support for physical events (provide audio and video support for our network events)

  • desirable: experience with content management software

  • demonstrable social networking experience, proven working experience in digital and social media content development, understanding of Zoom and YouTube configurations for live and recorded online videos.


Qualifications/experience: Bachelors Degree and 2 years of experience. 

Studying or completed an MA in Multimedia and computer technology and supporting qualifications and experience essential to the role. 

Woman at Work

To apply please click the green button above complete the form and send your CV.


We are seeking candidates that are well organised, possesses excellent time keeping and project management, fluent english, strong verbal and written communication skills, ability to work well with a team, adaptable, and strong attention to detail.

Please note, volunteer work is project based, hence this is not daily work and should not interfere with your busy work/academic or study schedule.


For more information or to make a formal application email us at